What is a Nexplanon?

Nexplanon formerly Implanon birth control from Womens HealthwiseNEXPLANON is a hormone-releasing implant that is placed under the skin on the upper arm for women who prefer a long-acting reversible birth control option.

What the Nexplanon does:

  • Nexplanon is over 99% effective, which means that there is less than 1 pregnancy in 100 women using Nexplanon for one year.
  • Nexplanon is effective for 3 years, but can be removed at any time during a short office visit and you will return to fertility quickly.

How does the Neplanon Work?

NEXPLANON is a soft and flexible implant that is inserted in a discreet location on the inside of the upper arm. It is small in size (4cm in length, 2mm in diameter) so no one will know it’s there but you and your health care provider.

NEXPLANON works to prevent pregnancy with a continuous release of progesterone. This keeps the egg from being released from the ovaries and prevents sperm from reaching the egg.

Is the Nexplanon Right for You?

The Nexplanon implant is an effective birth control option for most women. During an office visit, we will discuss your needs and help you decide whether Nexplanon is the best option for you. For example:

  • If you just had a baby and are nursing the Nexplanon implant offers a safe and effective birth control option
  • If you may want to have more children in the future but do not know when and need a reversible form of birth control
  • If you are happy with your current family size but are not ready for permanent sterilization
  • If you want a long acting birth control without the daily routine or hassle

Nexplanon Safety Considerations

  • Discuss any history of abnormal vaginal bleeding, severe headaches, or depression before considering Nexplanon
  • For more safety information you should know about Nexplanon,¬†visit: