Hormonal IUD

What is a Hormonal IUD?

Liletta, Mirena, Kyleena, and Skyla are intrauterine devices (IUDs) used for birth control.  Made of soft, flexible plastic, they are inserted in the uterus during a short office visit. Hormonal IUDs are effective for 3-6 years but can be removed earlier. They work by slowly releasing very small amounts of the hormone progesterone directly into your uterus which has several contraceptive effects. (See diagram below) It offers a highly effective, convenient, reversible, estrogen free method of birth control that works continuously without having to take a pill everyday.

What the Hormonal IUD does:

  • Hormonal IUDs are over 99% effective, and are among the most effective forms of reversible birth control available today.
  • When you decide to have the IUD removed, the contraceptive effect withdraws quickly and you will return to fertility within a few months.
  • Hormonal IUDs are FDA approved to treat heavy periods. In a clinical trial, the majority of women with heavy periods treated with these IUDs showed a reduction in bleeding of more than 90% at 6 months.

How does the Hormonal IUD work?

Is a Hormonal IUD Right for You?

  • Hormonal IUDs are an effective birth control option for most women. During your office visit, we will discuss your particular circumstances and help you decide whether a hormonal IUD is the best option for you. For example:
    • You just had a baby and are nursing, IUDs offer a safe birth control option
    • You may want to have more children in the future but do not know when and you need a reversible form of birth control
    • You are happy with your current family size but you are not ready for permanent sterilization
    • You want birth control without a daily routine or hassle

IUD Safety Considerations